September 8, 2008

Rulloff’s Loses Liquor License for Infraction

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The popular Collegetown bar Rulloff’s has been dry since Tuesday, when it temporarily lost its liquor license for an underage drinking infraction. According to Jeff Mazer, a senior staff member at Rulloff’s, the bar got in trouble after a bartender failed to check the ID of a patron sent in by law enforcement last year.
“The bar is just now serving its punishment because it takes a long time for law enforcement to administer infractions,” Mazer said, adding that there are currently only three offices in New York State that process punishments for bars.
In addition to incurring a fine, the bar will not be permitted serve alcohol for 10 days, meaning that it will be serving again on Friday.
Meanwhile, Mazer said that business has been down substantially. Many people have come into the bar, and then walked out once they realized that there was no alcohol or beer being served. All other bars in Collegetown are fully operational at the moment.