September 11, 2008

Blues Traveler: North Hollywood Shootout

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They’ve done it again. Blues Traveler’s recent album, North Hollywood Shootout, features songs just as catchy and just as feel-good as their notorious album Four. The album as a whole is not so different from the band’s previous work, so that new fans and old fans alike can appreciate the blues-rock mix, along with lead singer John Popper’s soul-filled voice. The album opens with “Forever Owed,” one of those songs that can only be described a constant-repeat. “The Queen of Sarajevo” features Popper’s intense and unique harmonica solos and tracks such as “You, Me and Everything” and “The Landing” resemble old favorites “Run-Around” and “Hook” in their forward moving and memorable beats. “What Remains” stands out from the rest of the album — and Blues Traveler’s work generally — with its jazzy undertones and low-key melody. This track, along with the rest of North Hollywood Shootout, makes it clear that “what remains” of Blues Traveler after all these years is definitely worth a listen.