September 11, 2008

The Piggery

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It is written in the Qu’ran that God “hath only forbidden you dead meat, and blood, and the flesh of swine … But if one is forced by necessity… then is he guiltless. For Allah is Oft-forgiving Most Merciful” (2:173).
I have decided on a kind of Pascal’s Wager: if God does exist, he will surely forgive me for eating the sinfully delicious pasturized pork products of the new local farm The Piggery.
At the Sunday Farmers’ Market I purchased three kinds of sausage from the friendly couple behind the pigs. Sausages qualify The Piggery as a half-restaurant. The work has already been done. Your role is simply to introduce heat and produce a juicy, savory meal in 15 minutes. These sausages are perfectly constructed: The Piggery is not shy with salt and fat, two of the three primordial elements of sensual pleasure and a robust, healthy life.
Heat is the third; don’t feel shy about supplying it.