September 11, 2008


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I tend not to wander into bars late at night. It’s not that I am impartial to a round of socializing around 10 p.m., leading up to an awkward round of questioning my friend’s actions the next morning. It is because I am not 21. However, since it was lunchtime, I decided to have a bite at Ruloff’s.
In an effort to beat the system, I ordered the Tequila Lime Chicken. Soon thereafter, my server placed in front of me a dish containing a juicy piece of grilled chicken with a hint of lime, accompanied by a mound of Pico De Gallo and my side orders.
What began as a succulent meal became very dry and hard to swallow. The heat of my entrée warmed what started as a delightful cool, tomato-based condiment that created tantalizing sensations of hot and cold on the taste buds. The absence of gravy left my side dishes bland. For now, I feel content to look into Ruloff’s from the outside until I can have the Tequila Lime combo without the chicken.