September 25, 2008


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Sexually-active Girl: I feel like there’s something in my uterus.
Responsible Friend: Uh-oh, that’s not good …
Sexually-active Girl: NO, not like that … I feel like I have penis stuck inside me!
— Arts Quad
Freshman 1: It says 98 right there!
Freshman 2: Dude, you can’t trust technology, that’s how robots will take over the world.
— North Campus
Fashion designer 1: O.M.G., look at this super cute apartment I found in downtown Paris. I mean we’re paying like $700 a month here in Ithaca, so like 13,000 Euros is like $900/mo, right?
Fashion designer 2: O.M.G. I can’t wait!!!
Skinny white boy to friend:
Dude, I should have took that free ride to University at Miami … I would be tan … muscular … and loose women everywhere.
— Tower Road
Studying girl: I went pee like 17 times today since it’s more fun than orgo.
— Uris
Guy on cell phone: The other day, when I was on shrooms, I had this idea. Maybe people gain weight because when they eat they are trying to take in the entire universe!
— Collegetown
Guy Outside Party: People say no-homo after everything now. Like: I totally fucked that dude last night; no-homo.
— Collegetown
Government professor: At most it would be a fuck buddy, but it wouldn’t be sex.

Jessica Stitt ’10, contributed to this overheard.