October 3, 2008

Dentes Ready To Lead Team

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Stepping onto a football field as the starting quarterback of the home team may be a lofty, cliché dream of college athletes. For senior Zak Dentes, it will seem all too familiar. This season is the third year in a row he has done it.
Although thrice named the starting quarterback of the sprint football team, this season Dentes has acquired a new title — team co-captain.
“Last season, the team voted for the three captains, and that’s something I’m really proud of,” Dentes said. “I have my team’s support, so really, I’m just looking to continue to do more of the same.”
“More of the same” for Dentes means not only unflappable leadership, but outstanding individual accomplishments and accolades.
Last season, Dentes led the CSFL in passing (891 yards) and completion percentage (59.3 percent). A versatile running threat, he also had 141 yards rushing — third most on the team. Dentes is also a two-time All-CSFL selection, and a sure favorite to reclaim the honor in 2008.
There’s another statistic that soon may be matched by Dentes as well. Dave Zittel’s ’88 2,474 career yards passing may soon fall to the Red’s current offensive play-caller, who has 1,736 career yards passing — good enough for fifth all-time at Cornell.
“Until I read about [the record] in an article, I didn’t know about it at all, but it’s pretty cool,” Dentes said. “I’ve been able to start for three years, but maybe that’s a bit of an unfair advantage.”
Despite personal achievements, Dentes remains humble and quick to give credit for his and the team’s success where he sees it due.
“I’m nothing without my offensive line,” said Dentes. “They don’t get enough credit. They always have my back.”
Coming into this season, Dentes is dealing with injury problems in his right foot, but he remains optimistic and focused on staying healthy as he tries some new rehab methods with the team trainers.
“Hopefully my foot will be ready to go,” said Dentes. “After a new ice treatment, it’s been feeling 100 percent better.”
Injury-free, Dentes looks to remain the same dangerous dual threat out of the backfield that he has been since he joined the team in 2006.
“Our offense has been restructured so the quarterback can run when he wants to — we pretty much have the option to run in almost every play,” said Dentes.
As a respected leader both on and off the field, Dentes hopes to guide sprint football to what he says is their driving goal: “To go undefeated in the league and win a championship.”