October 23, 2008

Dear and The Headlights: Drunk Like Bible Times

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Dear and the Headlights (who doesn’t like a good pun?) delivers their sophomore album Drunk Like Bible Times to the world of indie rock. Blending a variety of genres — rock, folk, some jazz, even a little classical guitar — Dear and the Headlights separate themselves from the rest of the indie rock groups — only not really.
The album starts off with “I’m Not Crying. You’re Not Crying, Are You?” Showing the band’s versatility, the song opens with a folksy guitar line and equally folksy lyrics, but quickly descends into Killers-esque rock. The single “Talk About” highlights the theme of the whole album: a harsh heaviness masked by catchy rhythms. Lyrically poetic and satirical, the song lulls you into its own cynicism.
Drunk Like Bible Times has something for everyone. Easy listening light rock in “Flowers for My Brain,” slightly heavier indie rock in “Carl Solomon Blues,” “I Know” and “Talk About” with smart lyrics throughout. With so many different styles at play, it’s actually amazing that Dear and the Headlights are so much like every other indie rock band. They have sophisticated lyrics, but really nothing new to offer musically. Fans of The Killers’ Hot Fuss: Rejoice and go buy Drunk Like Bible Times.