October 23, 2008

I Found My Sperm! Overheard Oct. 23, 2008

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Thick-Headed Jock: I felt bad. I didn’t even know what Indonesia was!
— Ag Quad
Smiling Girl: I just gave you a cootie shot! (after poking friend with a mechanical pencil)
Serious Girl: You didn’t do circle circle dot dot. You don’t have very good bedside manner.
girl (after ordering lo mein): A quart seems like a lot. Isn’t that, like, a gallon of milk?
— Prospect of Whitby
C.U. Undergrad on Cell: As conceited as this sounds, there has to be something wrong with this class if I can’t pass.
—  Arts Quad
Good Looking Asian Chick: You have people follow you up to your room … I chase people around with candy and money. Naked.
— Collegetown
Doubtful Newbie: But I mean, I don’t know if he liked it … but like, all guys like it when a girl touches their winky!!
— North Campus
Preppy, Freshman Girl: Oh, that’s so cool that you live on a dairy farm. I like dairy products. Milk, cheese, ice cream, eggs.
Friend (laughing): Eggs? Eggs are not a dairy product.
Preppy, Freshman Girl: What do you mean? Of course they are.
Friend: No … definitely not. Eggs come from chickens. Chickens are not the same as cows. But nice try.
— Mary Donlon Hall
Bus-waiting Girl: I speak Gangster to my parents.
— Anabel Taylor Hall
Upperclassmen Engineering Girl (Talking on phone): Her technical skills are my technical skills — which are: QUESTION MARK.
— Tower Road
PreMed Girl: I found my sperm!
— Baker Lab
Jessica Stitt ’10, contributed to this Overheard.