October 30, 2008

Chiodos: Bone Palace Ballet: Grand Coda

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Just over a year after Chiodos released their sophomore album, the band returns to Bone Palace Ballet, releasing the reissue Bone Palace Ballet: Grand Coda. Chiodos integrate four new songs into the framework of the original release and tack on two acoustic versions at the end of the album. The new package also includes a DVD with the works: live tracks, music videos and behind-the-scenes footage.
The augmented record launches with “Two Birds Stoned at Once,” one of the new tracks. Violins and cellos provide an orchestral flurry, but the song quickly descends into a roaring fury of drums, staccato guitars and screams that define the rest of the album. Lead singer Craig Owens’ voice leads the way from the severe breakdown in the monster “Teeth the Size of Piano Keys” to the ethereal guitar and steady drumbeat of the contemplative “A Letter from Janelle.”
Chiodos bring their energetic live performances into the studio and capture their raw, emotional force. After the skimpy, 38-minute original release, Grand Coda makes due on the promise of a new album and establishes Chiodos as one of the premiere bands in the hardcore genre.