November 19, 2008

Dump and Run Coordinators Donate Proceeds to Charity

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For two days during Orientation Week, students, parents and community members formed a queue outside Helen Newman Recreational Center for the Dump and Run sale. The sale, which runs every August, features items that Cornell students donate at the end of the spring semester. For those unfortunate enough to be at the back of the line, there were times where it took them up to three hours to get into the building to see what was for sale.
Yesterday, all those who helped make the Dump and Run sale possible came together to celebrate the success of the event and distribute the proceeds from the sales.
Scott Malamut ’09, Claudine Uyan ’10 and Christina Copeland ’11, the three student coordinators of Dump and Run, highlighted the accomplishments of the event and distributed four giant checks to non-profit organizations. Malamut, Uyan and Copeland all began working for Dump and Run this year and are constantly on the lookout for additional students to get involved.
Dump and Run collected anything ranging from refrigerators to clothes that students either did not want or could not take with them as they prepared to travel home for the summer. Instead of perfectly good items being thrown out or going to waste, Dump and Run collected these items and sold over 35 tons of goods at their event during orientation week. In addition to saving and reusing items that could have gone to waste, Dump and Run also netted around $42,000 in proceeds from their sale.
In order to organize and store all the goods collected, Dump and Run relied on the assistance of volunteers from different non-profit organizations during the summer. Based on the number of hours each organization devoted to organize the collection, the organizations were allocated a corresponding portion of the proceeds from the sale. The organization Cops, Kids and Toys received $17,845, Better Housing for Tompkins County received $7,186, Tompkins Learning Partners received $7,095, and Drop in Childrens’ Center received $5,374. Each organization typically signs a three-year partnership with Drop and Run, but they can extend the partnership for additional years.