November 20, 2008

Sanford Says: ‘NASCAR Is Not A Sport’

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Let me ask you a question. If I was to, say, go out with one of my friends, race two cars around the neighborhood for 50 or 60 laps, would you call that a sport? How about if I did 200 laps? Or what if I got a small group of people to watch? And I promised to do a back flip after I win? Would you call that a sport? I thought you wouldn’t.
But for some reason, I am still trying to understand why people consider NASCAR an actual sport. For some reason, driving around for 500 laps or so earns some coverage in sports shows. Really? How about me? Can I get some coverage? Give me a nice ride with some horsepower and I can busy too.
I don’t know, maybe I’m just mad or something. Maybe it’s the fact that this past Sunday’s Sportscenter didn’t open with football or basketball highlights? Or maybe the fact that when the anchors were talking about Jimmie Johnson, I immediately thought Fox Sports and not NASCAR. Yeah, maybe that was it.
Maybe some people who do read this column don’t agree. But I’m sorry, NASCAR is not a sport. Point, blank, period. It might sound harsh but as you can see, it’s a cold winter.
Plus, my birthday is coming up, so I can write a semi-controversial column and get away with it, or at least try to. Moving on, I just realized that this will be my last column of the year and I don’t want my birthday and Christmas to pass without tell you guys my gift requests. While I would usually ask for a whole bundle of things (don’t me afraid to ask people), I will keep my choice easy. For this upcoming holiday season, I would like for everybody to stop watching NASCAR.
Honestly, I don’t understand how people do it. Could you imagine being one of those people watching a race. Just standing there in the sun for 500 laps or so, chilling out. Waiting every 70 laps for somebody to make an increase in position? Needing a car crash every now and again just to keep your attention to the whole production. You know it is bad when you can take commercial break during live action. Think about it. For as slow as baseball can be at times, you ever see a commercial during the middle of a pitch? Middle of a down in football? I didn’t think so.
Regardless, of what I said, I give props to race car drivers. If somebody is going to pay you to race a car for a living, by all means, go ahead and take that money. Granted, there is a certain level of skill that the common person doesn’t have when it comes to racing cars. Regardless of the fact however, I can never consider sitting back and racing a car as an actual sport, an actual competition of skill, athleticism and strength, I just can’t.
So, while I want a lot of thing for the ending of the year, guys just please do me that one favor. With college basketball starting up, the NFL being in the second half of the season, the NBA looking good again and college football getting everybody’s attention, I am not trying to see NASCAR highlights on ESPN. We don’t have to get ride of it, we can’t just air it when I’m awake. Throw content on at 4:00 in the morning, put it on a different network, I don’t care, just don’t let me see it.
And now for mandatory obligations.
Shout out to Matt B. for getting that intramural flag football title, I’ve given up on that dream.
Let’s go! – Directed towards men’s basketball and hockey teams.
E mais importante ainda, noite de sexta-feira you’ o ll compreende porque eu disse que seu pai tem alguém que deve saber aproximadamente.