December 4, 2008

The Killers: Day & Age

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The success of The Killers’ new album Day & Age largely depends on which of their other CDs listeners prefer. Those seeking a repeat of the band’s first hit album, Hot Fuss, will be disappointed, while those who favor their sophomore album, Sam’ s Town, may be more receptive to the band’s evolving sound.
The album eases in with single “Human” and “Spaceman,” which are most reminiscent of their debut, but proceeds to explore wide-ranging styles. “Joy Ride” unexpectedly uses a saxophone and has a ’70s sound, “I Can’t Stay” closes with steel drums and “This Is Your Life” opens with rhythmic chanting. It seems the only constant is lead singer Brandon Flowers’ voice, which is especially touching on “The World We Live In.” Overall, Day & Age maintains the quirky quality the band established years before, but moves toward more meaningful lyrics and serious subject matter. Like most innovations, Day & Age is bound to please some and disappoint others.