January 27, 2009

Just Dress Like You’ve Been Rescued and Arrested!

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I’d first like to say hello to all those people I haven’t complemented and/or blasted this fall in the Bias-Cut; it was a direct result of my absence this fall and I was just as unhappy as you were about it. Although I missed the gorge jumping weather, my return has given me a new appreciation for frostbite and those who sport Uggs on a daily basis. Although you UGG-ers refuse to put them away for me (despite my strong efforts and many pleads/insults), I did miss you and your choice of footwear.
So now that the semester has started, let me first address that you are not warranted to look at me like I have five heads … especially when you yourself might be wearing a set of Chanel CC rhinestone earrings. I understand you might want to achieve a certain status through your labels, but no, those earrings aren’t the way to do it. Although people have different points of view (you might not like my wrist accessories that resemble a house arrest bracelet and I might not like your incessant use of a Longchamp bag year after year), you must trust me, the fake Chanel earrings are not the way to go. Also, the fake Chanel bag you sport walking around campus that is made out of faux leather is a huge no-no.
Chanel do’s: the new classic bag in satin!
Now for the positives: One trend I loved last spring was the bright colored pants. I myself sported skinny pink pants and the many stylish brothers at the A-List fraternities were sporting similar ones — just with more crotch room and in a pink of a different and darker shade.
Now that you know I like the look in general, let me address the girl who wore bright baby blue jeans last week — it isn’t April yet … let’s not ruin a good thing. Also on the topic of bright colors — Easter isn’t here yet. I have seen a few hair accessories that are very pink and flowery, and I say it with the nicest intentions: save them for later!
Moreover, I’d like to give the Cornell Campus a big old high five for the great selection of reading glasses I’ve been seeing on students. I myself have never wanted reading glasses (or needed them for that matter), but you guys have selected such excellent styles. The Ray Ban Wayfarers and similar styles have me sold!
I’d also like to comment on how the men these days are looking very clean cut and put together — American Apparel sweatshirts with deep V- necks, collared shirts with cable knit cashmere and bold plaid shirts are making their own statement and I like it!
Since my time is limited, I’d like to leave this week’s bias-cuts with more ups than downs. And remember — I’m only trying to help you look your best! Think about Kate from Lost; she ran around in tees and jeans all over the island but then at the courthouse, she looked like a Saks advertisement with that powerful white collared shirt and very trendy (well it was at the time) Marc Jacobs bag.
So dress like you’ve been rescued and arrested!