March 2, 2009

The Sun Elects 127th Editorial Board

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After six weeks of thinly-veiled hazing — in which the usual calisthenics, forced drinking and blind-folding were traded for copy-editing, editorial-writing and strategizing — 30 new editors of Sigma Upsilon Nu fraternity ( have been initiated into our house at 139 W. State Street. That’s right, the 127th pledge class has taken the reigns, and from here on out, we’re in charge. We’re young, we’re ambitious and we’re making some changes around here (we might even buy a kegerator). So without further ado, we present the 127th Editorial Board.
Chief flip-cup organizer Emily Cohn ’10 will be in the big office, making big decisions. Her keen ability to not only induce people to play drinking games, but also to win, will serve her well as Editor in Chief.
Lindsay Bass ’10 has a tough job as Business Manager in this economic climate, but until she realizes it, we’ll be submitting our beer receipts for reimbursement.
Managing Editor Ben Eisen ’10, the self-titled frat-daddy himself, will be at 139 W. State St. until the end of time, sitting at his computer slowly drinking his way into oblivion.
Web Editor G. Scott Russ ’10 loves live-blogging truly, and also girls named Julie. Watch out for next generation Drupal, because he will definitely school ye.[img_assist|nid=35672|title=The Sun also rises|desc=The 127th Editorial Board of The Cornell Daily Sun poses at its office yesterday.|link=node|align=right|width=|height=0]
Advertising Manager Ilea Malaney ’11 works by day securing the funds. We don’t really know what she does at night since she’s not here, but it’s probably good stuff.
With his avant-garde glasses and Cali attitude, Associate Editor Sammy Perlmutter ’10 may be too cool for The Sun scene, but no worries, he still bros out at Pixel.
When Sports Editor Keenan Weatherford ’11 is in destroy mode, no one can stop this budding young Sports Editor. But in chill mode, no one can pull off those hipster multi-colored sweatshirts better than this lady-killer.
Assistant Managing Editor Jasmine Marcus ’10 likes to claim she’s written for every section. But sometimes we think she’s gone too far — she even covers for weather columnists when they’re at meteorology conventions!
Design Editor and Green M&M-impersonator Deb Tan ’10 is always on call and for good reason. Because of this, the frat-daddy may have a death warrant against him, but at least it will all go down with Kamakazis.
Those of us on old boards refer to Matt Hintsa ’10 as the new Rob Bonow ’06. As dedicated as the title-page of a novel, Matt has scaled the Great Wall of China for The Sun. And, no, we’re not joking.
Suffering from a brutal fair weather withdrawal after transferring from U.C. Berkeley to Cornell, Arts Editor Ted Hamilton ’10 sought out this paper for his fix of Sun. Too bad as editor he’s now locked in doors at the offices for hours on end.
Because Arts Editor Ann Lui ’10 is an architecture student, it’s too aptly ironic to simply say that she brings down the house. But it’s true: Lui’s off the chain.
City Editor Michael Stratford ’11 has a penchant for pulling all-nighters. Like every night. To write election speeches. That are 20 pages long. His ability to stay awake under dire circumstances will serve him well during Common Council meetings.
News Editor Sam Cross ’11 grew up on rap music, but now he’s really into wearing scarves. And though he had a rock career going for him, we’re pretty sure we’ve got him tied down to being news editor for the next year. Some are starting to call us the modern day Yoko Ono.
News Editor Seth Shapiro ’11 loves CAPSLOCK. He actually only found out about the shift button on the keyboard last week. He’s slowly making technological progress, and some day hopes to use a cellular phone.
News Editor Venus Wu ’11 revolves around The Sun. Though that really just sums it up perfectly, we feel obligated to disclaim that if you meet her, prepare to be interrogated. Even if it’s at your own birthday party.
Allie Perez ’10 prefers the chipmunk over the groundhog, and that’s fitting because you’ll never see our chesire-grinning Daze Editor wallowing in the sad, sad Ithaca shadows.
Assistant Sports Editor Meredith Bennett-Smith ’10 is giving the job a second go. We don’t know if she’s improved, but at least now she can down an entire bottle of vodka in one sitting. Just watch out half an hour later. No really, watch out.
Assistant Sports Editor Rahul Kishore ’12 rocks the Burberry like a true champ, and man do the ladies on the Women’s Lax team take note. But watch out girls, he has a “complicated” history in this house.
Assistant Sports Editor Alex Kuczynski-Brown ’12 is the second female sports editor with a long-as-hell hyphenated name. This will result in more misspellings, but also more Double-Stuf Oreos.
Cara Sprunk ’10 coined the term “how fratty are you?” which has since inspired many a mixer. She also single-handedly made Juicy Campus popular, and she subsequently killed it. It must be because she’s from Ho-Ho-Kus.
Although Science Editor Chris Bentley ’10 rocks out with his TI-83+ out, his beard cries granola.
As a Assistant Web Editor, Thomas Ternquist ’10 uses his math skills to program daily, too often getting together with girl webbies to compute algorithms and multiply, if you know what we mean.
Web Content Editor James Elkins ’11 is all business, except when he’s doin’ it up big with Flash. How can you not like a guy who cracks web jokes like its his job?
Associate Design Editor Irene Leung ’11 has quit her job multiple times. It’s a good thing no one takes her seriously, because otherwise we would be vaulted out of a designer. She can be found supplying the snack drawer and forgetting people’s names.
Video Editor Elsa Gillis ’10 is tall and blonde and often on camera. We don’t know if the paparazzi are after her, but if so, they better be ready for an a capella concert.
Online Advertising Manager Amy Chan ’10 sells online ads like it’s her job. Oh wait it is. Amy flies high with the Flyerboard. To buy an ad, call 607-277-4856.
Daniel Baicker ’11 may have a last name, but to us, he’ll always just be “Dan from Marketing.” He wears his letters everywhere he goes (literally) but too bad they aren’t ours.
Assistant Advertising Manager Holly Lau ’11 must be doing her job, since this story is about to get cut off because of all the ads!