March 10, 2009

Class Council Election Results

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After a long and arduous campaign process, the Class Councils named the presidents and vice-presidents of each class on Friday. Class Councils are charged with planning events for their entire grades in order to bring people together and foster unity. Past events have included Battle of the Late Night Foods, class talent shows and meet and greets with President David Skorton. The Class Councils for each graduating class are also in charge of planning Senior Week, Convocation and Commencement.

Class of 2010
President: Jeffrey Katz ‘10
Vice President of Finance: Kelly Dowling ‘10

Class of 2011
President: Alex Meier ‘11
Executive Vice President: Theresa Cederoth ‘11

Class of 2012
President: Annabel Fowler ‘12, Sun Contributor
Executive Vice President: Steven Zhang ‘12