April 6, 2009

Tennis Takes Loss Against Crimson

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Men’s and women’s tennis lost to Harvard this weekend. The men’s team repeated their 4-3 loss from last season, coming very close to beating the Crimson. The women lost to a tough Crimson team, 7-0, a decrease from their last meeting with Harvard at the ECAC Indoor Championship, where the Red was able to pick up one match against the Crimson.
The men’s team (10-5, 1-2 Ivy) picked up another loss, decreasing their Ivy record to 1-2. The team has only four more matches in its season against Ancient Eight rivals. After a six game win streak over spring break, the team entered the Ivy season with a bang. But after its loss in its initial Ivy match against Columbia, the team hasn’t looked nearly as dominant. The Red currently stands at fifth in the Ancient Eight.
The team will return to Ithaca for the next three matches, starting with a game against Yale on Friday. Yale should be a tight match for the Red. Cornell came out with a loss in its last meeting with the Bulldogs, 4-3.
[img_assist|nid=36579|title=Put your hands in the air|desc=Men’s tennis lost a tight match to Ancient Eight rivals Harvard, 4-3, this weekend in Cambridge.|link=node|align=left|width=|height=0]
The women’s team (6-10, 2-1 Ivy) picked up their first loss of the Ivy league season against Harvard at home this weekend. The team was decimated in a 7-0 loss to the Crimson after picking up solid wins against Columbia and Dartmouth. The women’s team had a tough preseason, taking six straight losses before beginning the Ivy league season.
The Red will hit the road for its next three matches. The first stop will be New Haven to face Yale. Last season, the Bulldogs blew past the Red, 6-1. However, after solid wins at Dartmouth and Columbia, the team has already matched its total Ancient Eight win tally from last season giving hope to a Red upset in New Haven. The Red is currently tied for second in the Ivy standings with a large pack of teams.