April 6, 2009

W. Crew Finishes Behind Bulldogs

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Top-ranked Yale claimed its sixth consecutive Cayuga Cup in Cornell’s backyard as the Red finished second in two events.
Although Cornell women’s rowing was towards the front of the pack in the Varsity-8 race, it finished third by 5.4 seconds behind Syracuse. The Bulldogs captured the victory with a 6:34.0 mark.
Yale extended its lead with an impressive showing in the second Varsity-8 race, finishing in 6:38.1. Cornell won the Red-Orange battle with a narrow 3.4 second victory over the Orangemen, finishing in 6:54.3.
Syracuse returned the favor in the Varsity-4 race, narrowly defeating Cornell by 4.3 seconds, but failing to surpass Yale for the victory.
[img_assist|nid=36582|title=In unison|desc=Women’s crew met tough competition from Syracuse and Yale this weekend’s Cayuga Cup.|link=node|align=left|width=|height=0]
The Red’s lone victory came in the Novice-4 event with a time of 7:50.7, nearly 10 seconds ahead of runner-up Syracuse.
The Bulldogs proved to be tough competition again in the Novice-8 match up as Cornell placed second with a time of 6:52.9, which was less than three seconds behind first place Yale.