April 16, 2009

Test Spin: The Doves

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The Doves’ newest album, Kingdom of Rust, is definitely not for everyone. It is a cacophony of minor, at times difficult-on-the-ear sounds. That being said, it is likely to be one of the most intriguing, original albums you’ve heard in a long time. The entire album has a strange, almost electronica-like aura, perhaps most notably displayed in the track, “The Outsiders.” It is a little creepy at times, but in general makes for an overarching sound that is both indie and at times reminiscent of classic rock. “House of Mirrors” is probably the most interesting track of the album, constantly changing the prevalent rhythm and tempo while spontaneously adding sound effects and featuring incredible guitar instrumentals. The listener will never get bored, but may, on the contrary, wish for a break, one that comes around the middle of the album. The listener is given room to digest the initial fast-paced music with much slower-paced tracks, beginning with “10:03.” “Ship of Fools” is another track worthy of mention, as its background flow somehow emits the feeling of being on a ship at sea. The Doves have changed since their most widely known album, 2002’s The Last Broadcast, but an open-minded listener will bask in the innovative glory of Kingdom of Rust.