April 24, 2009

State Says School Districts Fail Disabled

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Not only do school districts issue report cards to their students, but they also receive report cards of their own, issued by the state, reporting their students’ progress.
State report cards made public on Wednesday revealed that five of six Tompkins County school districts failed to meet the required yearly targets for students with disabilities, according to The Ithaca Journal. The only district that passed was Trumansburg Central School District.
All six districts achieved their targets for every other category including elementary/middle and secondary levels; black, white, Latino and Asian ethnic groups; and economically disadvantaged groups.
Even though many of the districts made progress from their 2007-2008 report cards, they still failed to meet the necessary standards in many of the categories.
According to The Journal, the Ithaca City School District failed to meet the required standards for their students with disabilities in regards to secondary level for mathematics and language arts. Additionally, only 38 percent of Ithaca City School District disabled students graduated, 17 percent below the state standard.
Other districts missed targets for testing for disabled students. While some districts may have passed student testing for some groups, they needed all ages to pass in order to pass the state report cards.