May 10, 2009

Golding Announces Resignation as Executive Vice President

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The University announced Wednesday that Executive Vice President Stephen Golding has resigned from his role as the overseer of finance and administration. Come July 31, he will move to a new role as senior consultant to President David Skorton, where he will advise the president on Cornell’s role in the Upstate New York economy. Golding has served as the executive vice president since April of 2005.

Golding told the University: “It is even more essential today than ever before that we develop effective strategies to leverage the positive role they can play in promoting the New York state economy in the coming decade.”

Golding’s office, Cornell University Finance and Administration, has 1,800 employees in seven different divisions. He is charged with managing Cornell’s finances, facilities and information technology, according to the CUFA website.

A search team to replace Golding may be put into effect once Skorton reviews and determines whether the University wants to retain the position, as part of the president’s effort to reduce the number of administrators, according to the University.

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