July 19, 2009

Gannett Serves Student Body’s Health Needs

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Oops! Did you just sprain your ankle tripping over all the stuff you’ve crammed into your new dorm room? Are thoughts of the infamous “freshman 15” keeping you up at night? Is beginning college finally the right time to quit smoking? Do you suspect you might have swine flu? Welcome to Cornell.
The next four years will, for the most part, be an exciting and rewarding experience, but what you probably want to know right now is where you can get a refill for your allergy medication.
Before you start to panic, here’s a quick overview of the health and psychological services available at Cornell. Keep this in mind so you know where to turn when the midnight pizzas start to take a toll on your body, and most importantly, so you know that there are many resources to help you when the stress and pressure of being a college student becomes too much to handle.
Cornell’s one-stop shop for all health problems is Gannett: Cornell University Health Services. Located on Ho Plaza, Gannett is the primary care provider of medical services for all enrolled students, as well as other members of the Cornell community. Gannett provides many services ranging from allergy treatment and immunizations to general medical health care.
The health care center can also provide you with information and listings for Ithaca-area practitioners to serve your dental and vision care needs. Gannett can conduct most X-ray examinations as well as most of the laboratory tests that may be prescribed by your doctor during a medical visit. A newly renovated pharmacy is conveniently located on the premises so that you can fill your prescriptions on campus.
Through its Sports Medicine program, Gannett provides primary care services to all Cornell athletes. Gannett also provides physical therapy services for members of the entire Cornell community.
In addition, Gannett offers many services to take care of your sexual health needs, programs to help smokers quit and an extensive array of counseling and support services.