July 19, 2009

Red Letter Daze: Best Spots to Nap at Cornell

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5. Statler Student Lounge, Statler Hall
A personal favorite, Statler Lounge is the hangout synonymous with the seasoned Hotelie. Located in the bottom floor of Statler Hall, it has plenty of cloth chairs and loveseats that are popular amongst spontaneous nappers looking for immediate rest from working on all-night group projects or homework. Don’t look to sleep for hours, but it is a convenient location that will provide you with much needed rest. The carpeted floor is also a surprisingly popular napping location before evening exams, although their comfort is questionable.

4. 3rd and 4th Floor, Mann Library
On the 3rd and 4th floor of Mann Library’s neo-modern interior, small alcoves in the building’s corners sport upholstered chairs, tables and a couch. The alcove provides separation from the general study areas and book stacks, along with great views. Put everything together, and you have one great nap spot within the Ag Quad.

3. Kinkeldy Room, Uris Library
Hidden within Uris Library lies the Kinkeldy Room, a white reading space featuring a multitude of desks and three lone, brown-leather Pembroke chairs and ottomans. With large rolled arms and a brass nail-headed trim, these chairs are simply enchanting. Positioned in front of individual, oval-shaped windows, each chair has serene views of West Campus. Ideal for easily woken power nappers, these chairs are plush with plenty of room for your arms and midrange, upright reclining.

2. A.D. White Library, Uris Library
A classic. Two leather vinyl couches occupy the entrance wing of the Andrew Dickson White Library within Uris Library. Ideal for long resting naps, A.D. White’s sofas are nestled in front of two square windows and divided by a magnificent red fireplace. The library is deafly silent, as stone statues and centuries-old portraits surround you with a Harry Potter-like ambiance. The couches are only about five feet wide but are ideally placed behind two broad furnaces that provide ample foot space as you are lulled into sleep by the encapsulating views of West Campus and the Gothics.

1. 5th Floor, Johnson Museum
Simply perfection. Within Cornell’s Johnson Museum lies the greatest nap location in Ithaca. It is simply known as “The Spot.” The Spot is one lone gray suede couch on the 5th Floor of the museum within the Asian Art Permanent Collection. Although frequent visitors and security personnel will likely hover over you as you get some zzzz’s, this couch is ideal for long, rejuvenating naps. The mix of incredible calming views of the Ithaca skyline (including Cayuga Lake, Downtown Ithaca and West Campus) coupled with the sumptuous console of the sofa, makes this Cornell napping location truly “The Spot.”

This is an excerpt from an article in Red Letter Daze. Red Letter Daze is the weekend magazine supplement to The Sun.