July 19, 2009

The Wide World of Cornell Sports:

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1. Go to free skate at Lynah Rink.
2. Go to the Cornell-Harvard hockey game. Sneak a fish in to throw on the ice (or die trying).
3. Run through the Plantations.
4. Go rock climbing at the Lindseth Wall.
5. Go to the Carrier Dome for the annual Cornell-Syracuse lacrosse game.
6. Learn the Lynah Rink chants. Call the ref a wife-beater. Sieve! Sieve! Sieve! Yell at Sec­­tion O.
7. Tailgate for the homecoming football game (maybe attend the game).
8. Go to the Oxley Equestrian Center on a Friday night for a polo match. Heckle the horses.
9. Get out the face paint! Take in the atmosphere of Friedman Wrestling Center during a weekend match. Feel the heat. Smell the competition. Blind professor Dr. Dan Sisler Ph.D. ’65, for one, has been going to home matches for years. Follow the Cornell professor’s wise example.
10. Sing the alma mater with over 10,000 people during halftime of a football game.
11. Drink on the Slope, nap, then wake up just in time to take in the annual Cornell-Hobart lacrosse game on Slope Day. In the case of some Sun editors, cover the game drunk.
12. Hike at Buttermilk Falls, Taughannock or any of the other gorges.
13. Go sailing on Cayuga Lake.
14. Go skiing at Greek Peak.
15. Go bowling in the basement of Helen Newman. Buy a pitcher for your friends.
16. Play frisbee on the Arts Quad.
17. Run a beer mile on the outdoor track.
18. Win at least one game on an intramural team. It may be harder than you think, but the glory lasts forever.
19. Kayak on Beebe Lake.
20. Sled down the Slope on a mattress/something stolen.
21. Cheer on the tennis teams at Reis Tennis Center.
22. Wake up reallyyyyyyy early, go to the boathouse and watch at least one of the crews in a race.
23. Leisurely watch the baseball game at newly-renovated Hoy Field on a beautiful spring afternoon.
24. Wait an hour and a half for a treadmill at Noyes.
25. Climb a tree on campus (for a COE class or just for giggles … your own and those of the people who watch you fall from the tree).
26. Show some support for the 2009 Ivy League champion softball team by making the trek to Niemand Robison Field wayyyy out there at East Hill Plaza.
27. Walk, trot or canter your way to an equestrian meet.
28. Sit in the Ramin Room all night to get hockey tickets.
29. Get a stockpile of free T-shirts by going to Cornell sports events. Wear your Lynah Faithful Shirt until it fades.
30. Hit golf balls off the roof of your house.
31. Play a game of pick-up basketball at Helen Newman.
32. Look out for the newest Cornell Wrestling promotional poster.
33. Go go-karting (a hidden town treasure) on Rt. 17 right outside Ithaca.
34. Run for the bus.
35. Take an archery class.
36. Go to the basketball game during intermissions at the hockey game.
37. Play tennis at one of the many courts on North Campus.
38. Play foosball at the Chapter House.
39. Read the quotes in the Sun by head wrestling coach Rob Koll.
40. Find 7-0 senior Red center Jeff Foote in a crowd. Walking to class, sitting at Trillium, wherever … he will stand out.
41. See the hockey players skate to the center of the the rink for the Lynah Salute immediately following each home game.
42. Play hallway sports (hockey, soccer, etc.) freshman year.
43. Play at the sand volleyball courts behind Dickson. It’s ultra-competitive. You will lose your shirt … No joke.
44. Become a Beirut (or Beer Pong for those of us from the other half of the country) Master.
45. Play a round at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Course.
46. If you read nothing else during the school year, read the Sun Sports Section.
47. Sing both national anthems (American and Canadian) before the game at Lynah Rink. Pump your fist and yell at the word “Red.”
48. Go to a sprint football game. We actually have a chance at winning a national title in THIS type of football, as we did three years ago.
49. Steal a street sign. This takes much athletic skill, more than you might think.
50. Life is a marathon … Go to class.