September 10, 2009

Test Spin: Bowerbirds

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Hailing from North Carolina, the Bowerbirds further develop their folk-inspired sound on their sophomore album, Upper Air. Phil Moore and Beth Tacular’s stirring lyrical duets and complicated harmonies are enhanced by the band’s effortless acoustics and the help of Matt Damron on percussion. A blend of accordion, guitar and bass drum, the trio produces authentic and original songs that embody the spirit of the beautiful landscape in which they live.
Bowerbirds enhance their raw wilderness spirit through their lyrical content — many songs center around their love of and dependency on the natural world. With a clear devotion to preserving the world they live in, the content of their songs express a wide range of emotions, from happiness to despair and community to solitude. And the substance in Upper Air’s songs creates several empowering chorus lines. In “House of Diamonds,” Moore and Tacular croon, “you are free, you are already free — you are free from the greed of your culture, you are free from the lust of the luster.”
Rejecting modern consumerism and environmental denigration, Bowerbirds compose anthems for those who are unsatisfied with the world around them. Other outstanding tracks from the album include “Ghost Life” and “Northern Lights,” while songs like “Teeth” will resonate with fans of their previous album, Hymns for a Dark Horse. With their wonderful second album, Bowerbirds bring a piece of Southern scenery to their growing fan base, which will only continue to grow as they continue to spread their folksy gospel.