February 4, 2010

Cornell Faculty and Coaches Super Bowl Picks

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I’m no pro football expert, but I look for a lot of scoring with two stellar quarterbacks and strong offenses overall. Hard to pick against Peyton Manning, but I like underdogs and so I’m picking the Saints!

–– President David Skorton

I hope the Saints win, not only because New Orleans deserves some good news, but because the Colts represent the worst in American sports. They are, despite the incredible artistry of Peyton Manning, the embodiment of the corporatization of sports in America and the divorce of sports from any home town allegiance. As the Baltimore Colts, their owners became convinced that after decades in Baltimore there was no future in its impoverished inner city, so they gutlessly snuck the whole team out of Baltimore unannounced at three in the morning to go to Indianapolis. The city learned of this the next day in the press. Let the Saints go marching in.

–– Prof. Isaac Kramnick, government

I’m gonna go with my heart instead of my head on this one, and pick the Saints. The Colts are a touchdown-scoring machine with one of the best quarterbacks of all time, so it’s tough to pick against them. But a city on the rebound after Hurricane Katrina deserves a Super Bowl win, and I say that’s what’s going to happen. Saints 31, Colts 20.

–– Prof. Steve Squyres, astronomy

I’m going with Drew Brees, because he’s the best leader in professional sports. So I’m picking the Saints.

–– Steve Donahue, head coach of men’s basketball

Saints: 48

Colts: 26

At least then we could make a stretch argument that the only NFL team with a Cornellian on its roster (NY Giants) is the second-best team in the country. They lost to the Saints 48-27. I suspect this is wishful thinking on many levels.

–– David Harris, deputy provost

Colts all the way.

–– Mike Schafer ’86, head coach of men’s hockey

Unfortunately any pick I’d give would be utterly random, since I’m pretty clueless about the Super Bowl … otoh I suppose if I knew anything about it then it’d be an educated wrong guess instead of an ignorant one!

–– Prof. Graeme Bailey, computer science

Original Author: Alex Kuczynski-Brown