February 10, 2010

New and Undiscovered

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I’ve been following music blogs for a while now, and I’ve heard plenty of songs from two months to even a year before they became hits. Before “Tik Tok” exploded, it was called “P. Diddy” and “Dolla,” but regardless of the name it screamed success. At the same time, I’ve seen terrific songs go unnoticed, from new artists to even the most established artists. My hope with this feature is to introduce readers to music and artists they may have never heard of before. I would love feedback on my songs or suggestions about the column as it has only just started and is certainly open for improvement. Enjoy!

Erik Hassle — “Hurtful”

I heard this song almost a year ago, and it was finally put on U.S. iTunes just recently. “Hurtful” topped the Swedish music charts upon its release, but hasn’t reached the same success in the U.S. and United Kingdom (yet). It’s not your typical manufactured pop tune of today; its lyrics and subject matter are deeper than that. Upon first appearance, Erik Hassle doesn’t scream great singer – I could best describe him as a ginger-with-a fro – but his voice is surprisingly very good. There’s something quite amazing about the track, with its epic feel, emotionality and maturity. I would definitely rank it as one of the best pop tunes of 2009. Spread the word.­­

Ryan Leslie — “How It Was Supposed To Be”

Ryan Leslie has released two albums in the span of one year, yet he hasn’t scored a major hit or major exposure. To be honest, not all his music is outstanding, but he has a couple of very good songs. “How It Was Supposed To Be” is probably his best track, an interesting rock-R&B hybrid. Look for the first music video for the song (there are two) that contains a harder rock sound than the official recording and is even better. Also take a look at “Addiction” featuring Cassie and Fabolous, “Quicksand,” and “Diamond Girl.”

Wale featuring Jazmine Sullivan — “World Tour”

Wale isn’t exactly underground, though he is certainly receiving less exposure than he deserves. In my opinion, he’s one of the best new rappers out there, along with Kid Cudi. The track is upbeat with a catchy hook courtesy of the great Jazmine Sullivan (if you like real R&B, I would check her out as well). However, Wale has more meaningful tracks than this, usually rapping about real issues unlike most MCs these days, which is refreshing. Despite that, “World Tour” is still great for what it is. If you like what you hear, give his debut album Attention: Deficit a listen.

Original Author: Matt Samet