February 17, 2010

Andy Jefferson grad, College of Human Ecology Cognitive Development Forest, Va. Taurus

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If you could solve one problem in the world, what would it be, and how?

Andy: Let’s go with food and water. Clean and plentiful food and water [for everyone].

Do you think the issue of ignorance is seen in the United States?

Andy: I’m sure there are some people that would argue that. People harp on America’s ranking in math and science, compared to that of other countries. And in geography, [people say] “America gets into wars, so people learn geography.” I think I’m quoting The Daily Show there!

What’s the weirdest party situation you’ve encountered?

Andy: The weirdest thing I went to was as an undergraduate [event] at William & Mary — a shadow cast showing for Rocky Horror Picture Show. Shadow casting is where you have the movie playing [on the movie screen] and people acting on the stage underneath [at the same time]. There were all sorts of weird costumes. Lots of fishnets and corsets. One year we couldn’t get a male lead to be Rocky, so we had a lesbian four-way [scene], which filled the seats! I was in the shadow cast [during my time as an undergraduate at W & M]. I was Riff for two years, Rocky for one year and just a Transylvanian for one year when my girlfriend was Janet!

Would you rather travel the world, or have the world’s treasures visit you?

Andy: I’d rather get out there. This may be the psychology [that I study talking], but I think that’s like asking if you just want to see the thing, or the people and places around it. All that content jazz. And isn’t it getting there that’s half the fun?

What’s the farthest you have traveled?

Andy: Alaska and Hawaii. I have not been outside the United States since I was 18 months old, when my parents took me along with them to Germany.

Original Author: Sara Hundt