February 17, 2010

Blog Watch: New and Undiscovered

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Hurts – Blood, Tears, and Gold

Hurts are a new UK electronic duo that haven’t officially released a single yet, but are beginning to make rounds in the British music industry. The art-house music video for Blood Tears & Gold truly matches the beauty of the song; it sounds romantic, but it’s really a breakup anthem. The beginning is perfection, taking a riff from Sinead O’Connors’ “Nothing Compares 2 U”, and then taking an entirely opposite lyrical direction. The lyrics are pretty scathing towards his unfaithful significant other, but the dramatic sound of the track provides an original, almost mesmerizing contrast.

Lloyd – Pusha feat. Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana

For those of you not familiar with Lloyd, you would probably recognize him from Young Money’s “Bedrock.” I’ve been playing this track since the beginning of fall semester when it was released in an online EP to little fanfare. The song compares a woman’s love to drugs like cocaine – John Mayer anyone? Although this may seem crude, the lyrics and verses are exceptional. Lil Wayne kills his part as always and Lloyd’s smooth vocals are refreshing. Give this track a spin, and you’ll find yourself pushing repeat.

Cascada – Pyromania

“Pyromania” premiered on German radio a few days ago, presumably from a new album. The title is corny, and so is the song – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t addictive. It continues Cascada’s new sound that was established with the Lady GaGa/RedOne clone “Evacuate the Dancefloor.” Both songs are pretty much the same, but thankfully “Pyromania” does not contain a terrible rap verse. The chorus is also notable; instead of those generic “Oh’s,” that pop choruses often have, because Cascada is apparently on fire, she sings, “Pyromania, ow ow ow.” Simple, yet effective. There’s also an annoying electronic voice in the background throughout the song that grows on you. If this song is officially released, I predict a hit.

Original Author: Matt Samet