March 3, 2010

Endings and Beginnings

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There has been a whole lot of talk about Reimagining Cornell — a nebulous term that applies to everything this school does to try and stay viable (i.e. save money gracefully). As art parallels life (or is it the other way around?), we at The Sun, and Red Letter Daze in particular, are doing some reimagining of our own.

The most obvious example of this will occur this weekend, as the 128th editorial board will be elected to take the reins of this storied publication. The new editors will take over the production of Daze, taking it in different — and, we expect, exciting — directions in the year to come.

Assistant Daze Editor Cara Sprunk and I will be out of the job come this weekend, but we would like to thank our readers for a great year.

It has been a privilege to oversee Daze during our tenures as editors — by bringing you new columns and a variety of articles, ranging from the truth behind Cornell’s median grade reports to murder in the Ivy League, we hope that we have been able to entertain and inform you.

Some things, however, never change. Please send questions, comments and suggestions about these organizations or any other aspect of Red Letter Daze to daze-editor­, and don’t forget to follow Red Letter Daze on Facebook and Twitter!

Original Author: Allie Perez