March 10, 2010

First From the 128th

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The sixth week of every spring semester signals an annual period of transition and change. This annual springtime renewal is neither Groundhog’s Day nor Easter — it takes place right between the two — but rather it is the Sun’s Editorial Board elections.

As the old editorial board — the 127th board — gets ready to retire, the new 128th board is revving up for an exciting year. As I take the reins of Daze from Allie Perez, and as Allie Miller takes the reins of Assistant Daze Editor from Cara Sprunk, we plan to introduce an array of changes to the design, content and traditional practices of Red Letter Daze. Regular readers should expect to see various changes in the coming year, including a possible re-design, the re-introduction of recurring mini-features like the Club Profiles, the addition of new features and recurring series and eventually the rearrangement of the weekly column schedule, as many of Daze’s columnists will be graduating this spring.

In the meantime, check out this week’s features; between Alice Cope’s article on winter car maintenance and Rebecca Velez’s article on Spring Break safety, it almost seems that this week’s content is an apt reflection of the annual transition Daze — and The Sun itself — has just witnessed.

I’m looking forward to an interesting year — and I hope you are, too — as I have plenty of changes in store for Daze.

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Keri Blakinger

Original Author: Keri Blakinger