April 7, 2010

Aggrieved Workers Speak Out

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Cornell’s newly-founded Licensing Oversight Committee hit the ground running in its first meeting Tuesday, pledging to renew business relations with Russell Athletics and investigating the abuses alleged by two aggrieved former Honduran workers for Nike, both of whom spoke at the University on Tuesday. The University currently holds two contracts with Nike.In a press release, the Cornell Students Against Sweatshops said that the LOC was created in response to CSAS’s “Just Do It” campaign, which demands Nike pay “over $2.1 million in severance to Honduran workers … [for] legally mandated service compensation.” CSAS is working in the afterglow of what The New York Times called the student anti-sweatshop movement’s “biggest victory by far” when, in November, Russell Athletics agreed to rehire 1,200 Honduran workers in response to the termination of 89 universities’ contracts with Russell. Cornell was among the schools to terminate its Russell contract. On

Original Author: Andrew Boryga