April 7, 2010

Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em

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Welcome to Cornell Diaries, where we print the anonymous recorded lives of Cornell students. While The Sun maintains the confidentiality of each writer, all facts have been verified and all diaries record the truth.

Friday, January 30th, 2010

0005: Decide to call it an early night: I have to wake up in a few hours.

0020: Finish up last-minute homework and decide to roam the halls and see if anyone else is awake. Find four housemates hanging out it in the dining room. Two of them are up drinking and the other two are pulling an all-nighter. I grab a snack and some water and join the conversation.

0045: I remember my vow to call it an “early” night and head to sleep; my friends pulling the all-nighter remember their work; and the guys drinking remember to pee on the neighbor’s house.

0055: Back in my room, I have gotten ready for bed and prepared everything for tomorrow so that when my alarm goes off all I have to do is literally jump out of my bed, land in my shoes and head out the door.

0110: Been lying in bed for 15 minutes unable to sleep…

0120: ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………..

0520: RING!! F$&%!! Snooze button.

0525: RING!! F$&%!! Snooze button again.

0530: RING!! F$&%!! Actually wake up. It isn’t the triumphant jump and land in my shoes I had planned and more like a lethargic stumble. Say hi to the friends pulling the all-nighter and trip over the drunk guys on the way out the door.

0545: Walk to Barton Hall; the weather is surprisingly nice and there are deer everywhere on campus. Check my e-mail, nothing new since last night.

0600: Begin P.T.: push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, run. Make fun of other ROTC branches for their version of sit-ups.

0700: The energy in Barton Hall suddenly stops as P.T. ends after miles of running and hundreds of push-ups. Head over to Teagle Hall to take a shower, along with everyone else.

0725: Emerge from Teagle wearing my uniform and head over to Trillium with other ROTC students for breakfast and coffee. The Trillium staff now knows us all by name. Read yesterday’s Daily Sun and complain about too many sex columns. Someone already did the Sudoku. Damn.

0740: Today’s Daily Sun finally arrives. Ditch the old one for a new one. Complain about the sex columns in this issue as well and do the Sudoku.

0800: Back in Barton Hall for our ROTC class. (That’s right, there are 8 a.m. classes!)

0855: Trek back home for a nap between classes. For some reason the weather has completely changed and it is now raining so I walk through as many buildings as possible on the way home to avoid messing up my uniform.

0910: Say hi to my all-nighter friends again and pass out in my room.

1030: Internally debate whether or not to wake up and be productive; instead, choose sleep.

1140: Wake up from my nap and grab some lunch, watch ESPN and check e-mail — now that’s multitasking. Twenty-four new emails (after spam) and about one-third of them are from people in ROTC who I saw this morning.

1210: Head to class. Hopefully I can understand my professors today. Somehow the rain has gotten worse; I must now dodge puddles in an attempt to keep my shoes looking somewhat shiny.

1430: After class, arrive in Barton for our weekly ROTC lab. We learn about important life lessons and the intricacies of the military.

1640: Arrive home and change out of my uniform; instantly the rain stops.

1800: Dinner doesn’t look too appetizing so I raid the kitchen and make my own meal, then lay claim to some space to relax on the big couch downstairs and casually do some homework. Another 20 new e-mails from all the usual people; how can people have this much to say?

2030: My girlfriend comes over and homework stops. She complains about something or other. We split a bottle of wine and make some mixed drinks. Before heading out to the bars we search the halls for anyone else who wants to drink in the middle of the week.

2200: The drunk guys from last night are already at the bar. My girlfriend and I arrive and we split a pitcher of cheep beer (much less romantic than the bottle of wine).

2300: My girlfriend is now convinced that the only thing she wants in the world is popcorn. We start our quest for popcorn at Dunbar’s. The place is empty and so is the popcorn machine. So we decide to head all the way down to the Chapter House just for popcorn!

2320: Beer for me and popcorn for her.

2335: My Zinck’s Card isn’t saving me enough money on drinks so I convince my girlfriend that we should go home and have one last drink there before we go to bed.

2350: I have a drink while waiting for my girlfriend to get ready for bed and as we both fall asleep we dread our classes tomorrow no matter how late they start.

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