April 8, 2010

Golf Team Eyes Consistency

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Having already completed half of its schedule in the fall, the golf team is set to finish off the second portion of its season this spring. The Red competes at the Towson Invitational, Princeton Invitational and Yale Invitational, before concluding the season with the Ivy League Championships in Springfield, N.J., over the last weekend in April.  Led by head coach Matt Baughan, Cornell boasts an 11-man roster, with only one senior, Robert Cronheim. Cronheim, along with juniors Dan Bosse and Matt Jaye, are consistently the top finishers for Cornell and represent the core of the team week in and week out.  The other two spots for the five-man rotation tend to be up for grabs on a weekly basis, depending on who is playing the best golf. The competition amongst the Red to compete for spots helps bring out the best that the golfers have to offer. “Initially, regularly competing for spots to travel [to tournaments] is a good thing because it really gets a lot of guys going,” Bosse said. “It gives you something to play for and prevents you from getting complacent. When you have something to compete for, it generally brings the best out of you. On the other hand, you don’t want to do that too much, because you want to allow a lineup to be able to get used to one another and gel with each other. But our coach has done a great job of giving everybody a chance to play.”  During the fall and so far this spring, different members of the Red have shown flashes of brilliance, but were unable to all put together their best rounds over the same weekend.  “The guys on this team definitely have the ability to go out and compete against anybody,” said junior Ben Myer. “We’ve just got to be able to consistently do it tournament to tournament, and then the results will start coming.” At this point in the season, the Red’s main objective is simply to go out, continually get better and play the best golf that it is able to. Cornell is not worrying about specific goals or accomplishments, because the team knows that it has a lot of talent, so if the guys go out and consistently put together good rounds, the rest will fall into place.  “We’re really just trying to play as well as we can at this point,” Bosse said. “This team has the potential to be very, very good; it’s a matter of whether we can all gel and get it together over the same days. We’re going to go out and try to play some good golf and see what type of numbers we can put up.”

Original Author: Ware Cady