April 29, 2010

Penultimately Yours

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The second-to-last Letter From the Daze Editors!Red Letter Daze is excited to officially announce that we are in the homestretch for the spring 2010 semester! If you are sitting next to a senior, refrain from letting them read this letter, for it will likely cause them to develop a twitch and we would rather not be responsible for that. Just because things are starting to slow down doesn’t mean that we took the week off (since it is National Administrative Assistant Week, Allie should have gotten some time off).

This week, our feature story is about all the amazing (fictional) alumni from Cornell. The University has been a fountain of inspiration for pop culture characters and throughout Big Red’s history there have been countless imaginary alumni. Honestly, you smile when you see Andy Bernard make a Cornell reference on The Office don’t you? If you’re racking your brain for other Big Red references, check out Hazel Gunapala’s ’11 article on pages six and nine.

Also in this week’s (penultimate!) issue of Daze is the first Student Spotlight, a section that focuses on the interests and accomplishments of Cornellians. Alice Cope ’13 interviewed Cornell Design League’s only non-design major from the Class of 2010.

With only one more issue of Daze left for the semester, we urge you to follow us on our Twitter page and become a fan of Red Letter Daze on Facebook. We want to hear your feedback so we can feature any last minute brain blasts of things you’d really like us to cover. We can also be reached at [email protected] So, send us some cartoon caption submissions, write a Cornell Diaries or come up with a 10 on 10 list suggestion! If you need us, we’ll be waiting by the computer for your e-mail.

DAZEd and Confused as usual,

Keri Blakinger

Allie Miller

Original Author: Allie Miller