August 25, 2010

Best of Summer…

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Childish Gambino

Released online for free, Culdesac offers a unique blend of hip hop and indie rock. Childish Gambino (given name Donald Glover) has spent the summer juggling his comedy career and his music. Later this fall he’ll be performing stand-up here at Cornell, so keep and eye out for that.


Less than a month after performing for Slope Day, Drake released his debut album, Thank Me Later. The less than perfect track order garnered some mixed reviews — yet there isn’t a dud in the bunch.

The Gaslight AnthemA rock album in the vein of Billy Joel and Eric Clapton, American Slang is sure to be a classic. The band recorded American Slang entirely in New York City, and you can feel the city’s influence throughout.Mike PosnerAfter two successful mix tapes recorded while attending Duke University, Posner finally released his debut album earlier this month. 31 Minutes to Takeoff draws influence from sources as diverse as disco and hip hop, and the result is a spectacular dance record. LissieLissie provides a breath of fresh air for the female pop/rock genre. Featured in a number of TV shows last year and on Perez Hilton’s site numerous times, it’s surprising her album, Catching a Tiger, didn’t generate more buzz. But, even without buzz to back it, the record is a real achievement in songwriting and musicianship.

Mad MenThough still in the beginning of the new season, Mad Men has picked up right where it left off in terms of quality. This is drama at its best.Big BrotherBig Brother still has a few weeks left, if you want to jump in and see who picks up the cool $500,000 grand prize. The guiltiest of pleasures, Big Brother never fails to disappoint.Pretty Little LiarsNamed “The show of the summer” by Teen Choice Award voters, Pretty Little Liars is frothy soap with engaging plot lines and really cute lead actresses. Look for it to return in January.So You Think You Can DanceThis season was a bit off in terms of quality but the final three were all fantastic dancers, and I’m content with Lauren’s victory. The show’s decision to bring “all-stars” back also won me over, eventually.EntourageEven with the rocky season its having, Entourage was still the best comedy on TV this summer.

Original Author: Wesley Ambrecht