August 29, 2010

Detoxing from Beck’s “Restoring Honor”

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Let the “Restoring Honor” detox begin.  New entry to the portmanteau list: “Politichristo-schmaltz.” If any readers intend on crafting a drinking game around today’s festivities, be warned that a few buzzwords are only for the stoutest livers: “hope,” “faith,” “charity,” “Jesus.” The word “God” was invoked at dizzying intervals, and coupled with an absurd political correctness: Native-American pastor, indeterminably-Hispanic baseball player, King, Jr. relative, various black vocalists. *Insert half-formed thought on significance of reflecting pool reflecting both comically-diverse speakers and mostly-monochrome audience.*On the other hand, the attendees were, for the most part, deeply, almost maddeningly civil. These are not people whose kindness is an act of media savvy; this is the real deal. Which is not to say that there wasn’t the occasional crazy; your reporter was called, in addition to “a very nice young man,” a jobless fool, an Ivy Leaguer with no American history, a Jew, an Obama drone, and a reader of Stalin.Will write trenchant yet well-measured opinion piece tomorrow. For now, need sleep and change of clothes.

Original Author: Jake Friedman