August 29, 2010

Josh Minsky ’11 Talks Championship in 2010

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Senior offensive lineman and sprint football captain Josh Minsky sits down with Sun staff writer Ware Cady and discusses his high hopes for this year’s team. The Sun: So how has practice been going for you guys so far? How does the team look? Josh Minsky: We basically had our first legitimate practice [Saturday]. We’ve really only been doing captains’ practices –– nothing really serious until now. We’re all really excited to be back out there; we should have a great season this year. We’ll be more of a running team this year than in the past; we’re returning four starters on the offensive line, and the fifth starter already has a lot of experience under his belt. All in all things haven’t changed much [since last year], so we’re feeling confident to start the season. Sun: How are the new guys looking? Are they blending in well with the rest of the team? J.M.: The freshmen look good so far. We have a great freshman linebacker coming up, along with a couple of other offensive guys who all played legit football in high school. Our coaching staff has been telling us that this is the best freshman class that we’ve had in awhile. We’ve of course lost some guys since last year, but there are guys ready and waiting to step up and fill the void. Sun: I heard that you’ve added a new quarterbacks coach since last year. How has that been working out so far and how do you think that will help out the offense this year? J.M.: I’m so excited about this guy and I know that Elliot Corey, our starting quarterback, is too. He was the head coach at Rochester for like 10 years and then he was offensive coordinator at Columbia so he definitely knows what he’s talking about it. I think he’s really going to help not only our quarterbacks, but the offense as a whole.  Sun: You guys are returning the majority of your team from last year. Does it give you an added sense of confidence going into a season with guys that you’ve already been to battle with? J.M.: Definitely. Coming back with the same guys is huge because you don’t have to build that trust. Trust on a football field is one of the most important things you need to have. The quarterback has to trust the O-line that they’re going to protect him, running backs and receivers have to trust their quarterback that he’s going to get them the ball –– it goes on and on. From an offensive standpoint, having so many returners is really going to help us. And on the defensive side, they’ve been the No. 1 defense in the league since I’ve been here, so we know that they’re going to perform. Sun: And to wrap it up, what are your expectations as a whole for the season? Is that something on your mind or are you not even thinking about that at this point? J.M.: Everyone’s thinking championship right now to be honest with you. That being said, we’re taking it one week at a time because that’s how you win championships. In a league like this you really need to run the table if you want to win it all, but we’re taking it one game at a time and not looking past anybody.

Original Author: Ware Cady