September 8, 2010

Advice For Halloween Past

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Dear A to Z,

I met this guy last year at a Halloween party and we’ve managed to reconnect this semester. But I’m worried that I may be more interested in him then he is me. We kind of hooked up (which I wouldn’t normally do) and now I’m just plain hooked. How do other couples get into long term relationships while I seem to not be able to move past “Go?” I really like this guy, but I don’t want to come off being desperate and I don’t want to waste any more time being toyed with. Help!


High Hopes

Dear Halloweenie,

I sympathize with you dilemma. It’s never easy to approach someone you really like when you cant see through their mask.  They could be the Phantom of the Opera for all you know, physically or emotionally. It can be frightening to take off his costume, but even worse, it can be scary to take off your own mask and show what’s underneath, no matter what you look like.You’ve fallen victim to an unmistakably common phenomena – “the Halloween hook-up.” There’s something about that uproar in spirit energy that envelops the campus.  There’s something about that orange glow that catches your eye as you cross from the monster mashes of West Campus to the haunted house parties of Collegetown.  It’s somewhere in that journey that you realize (having spent the previous night studying like a good child), it’s time to be “mischievous.”Snickers bars and skittles vodka (yes. It’s delicious, and yes, it’s hard as shit to make) begins to lose their kick, and you abandon the joy of chocolate, peanut butter cups for an all too different type of “sugar.”With all respect to St. Valentine’s Day, Halloween is the real sex holiday. What’s more exciting than dressing up like a sexy nurse or cowgirl, entering a room full of mysterious men, and flirting with Batman or anyone of a dozen twenty-year old men dressed like The Joker.? (FYI. Always choose Batman over The Joker.  I don’t care about the future of Gotham city. There’s just no hiding a night of passion when you’re rubbing face paint off your neck, shoulders, and other parts while walking down College Avenue in your sexy nurse outfit). It’s easy to confuse excitement and passion when he’s an escaped bank robber and you are a repressed, cop lady (miserable because you uniform is too tight) – the lines of reality are clearly already blurred!My advice is this – don’t let these hazy lines of passion dissuade you from pursuing this relationship.  Neither the way you met him nor the way you acted should really matter. You now have the opportunity to determine your own reality. Though the old bag of candy under my bed might disagree, we’re far from last year’s Halloween festivities. You both deserve a clear image of each other – make it clear who you are and what you’re all about.

Original Author: anonymous