September 8, 2010

Letter to the Editor: Greek Outrage Unreasonable

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To the Editor:

Re: “An Open Discussion, Or an Exercise in Futility?” Opinion, Sept. 8

Many of my peers, especially those in fraternities, disagree with the recently proposed changes to the IFC drinking and pledging policies. I find this point of view to be shortsighted. The crux of the issue is underage drinking amongst freshmen, which is a policy that no national chapter supports. A popular argument is that it’s safer to drink in the “controlled” setting of a fraternity house, but frankly that has nothing to do with legality. I find it difficult to believe that an educational institution, especially one as prestigious as ours, can support breaking the law.The editorial also argues that there was a lack of student feedback in the public forum held on last Tuesday, which harms the Greek community because it was built on self-governance. While this course of action is authoritarian, I believe it is necessary because going through the IFC will merely delay or destroy its implementation. Self-governance does not mean absolute freedom, it needs to work within the legal bounds of a greater society.After years of leniency, it’s certainly reasonable for the administration to react after the incident at Pi Kappa Alpha last semester; many Greeks actually support this proposal. Fraternity life is supposed to be about friendship and dedication, not intoxicating freshmen on Friday nights. I implore the IFC leaders to exercise civility and seek reasonable alternatives.

Jeff Ayars ’12