September 15, 2010

The Sun Celebrates 130 Years on the Hill

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This text was compiled by the founding staff of The Sun for the inaugural issue, published on September 16, 1880.

Without any apology for our appearance, we make our bow to the college world, and especially to that part of it in which Cornell, her students, friends and alumni are most interested. We have no indulgence to ask, no favors to beg. Believing that the interests of the University and of the students would be subserved by the publication of a daily paper, one which should present news not only from the various colleges, but whatever was of especial interest to students where it occurred, we determined to publish the Cornell Sun. Its financial success is already assured; and we can announce unhesitatingly that it will make its appearance every day during the term time of the coming year. Our principles are those of the institution which we shall endeavor to represent, — liberty of thought, liberty of speech and liberty of action; but we shall strive earnestly not to allow this liberty to degenerate into license. That there are many obstacles in the path of a college daily we fully realize. The labor required to edit such a publication will be no small addition to our college work; and though we undertake it willingly, it is not without some misgivings as to our ability to perform the extra duties in a suitable manner. We expect to receive severe criticism at the hands of many, but we ask that it be deferred until a fair trial shall have shown that we deserve it.

Original Author: Sun Staff