September 15, 2010

Weekly Overheards

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Yes, And Lettuce That’s Not LettuceGirl: Hi. Okay, so, I would like a sandwich, but do you have wheat bread that is not bread?-TrilliumHouston, We Have A ProblemGirl 1:The night was so great. Then it just went downhill.Girl 2: Yeah, it was so good and then it just skyrocketed.Girl 1: You mean skyrocketed…down?Girl 2: Yeah.-Corson-MuddJust Some Honest AdviceTwo girls giving advice to a younger guyGirl 1: You need to find girls who care.Girl 2: Yeah, girls who like you for you and not just your two balls.-TrilliumNext stop, STD-ville!Two guys talking about a girlGuy 1: She’s like the TCAT, everyone gets a ride.Guy 2: Yeah, and all freshmen get on for free!-North CampusNow, how would you know that…?Guy talking to friend: It tasted like straight up butt hole…and I know what that tastes like.-AppelCrack is whackGirl to friend: I need to start wearing bigger pants, my butt crack is poppin’ out.-TCAT route 92Choose your words wiselyGirl commenting on her soft sweater: I just can’t stop touching myself! It’s so soft…-Fernow HallOh, by the way…Girl to friend: I have your baby, it’s in my pants.-Nasties

Original Author: Rachel Neville