September 19, 2010

How I Met Your Mother Recap: Big Days

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With teases from producers that this will be Ted’s year, HIMYM premiered last night.AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! That is what I screamed all episode in Emily’s ear.  I was yelled at as well.  A lot.  But such an exciting episode of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM for future reference)!!  The episode opened with future Ted (Bob Saget) talking to the kids.  Again. They are in the same clothes.  Again.  Really? This story has taken longer than a few hours to tell.  Again, they never say anything.  I wonder if they still get paid for this.

We then see Ted (Josh Radnor) grading papers at the bar.  Not the place we want our professors grading our papers, but ok.  But it may turn out to be the moment he meets the mother! (spoiler: its not) Barney comes in mourning the loss of sundresses (“What piece of women’s attire most stokes a man’s desire? What outfit pink or white makes the front of my slacks abnormally tight?”)  Ted sees a pretty girl behind the bar, suddenly, flash forward!  To a wedding (Teds? Emily wishes.  Barneys? I wish) at an ugly brick church.  My wedding will be much nicer, and no one will hide beer behind the pulpit, Marshall (Jason Segel).  Flash back to the bar where Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) calls dibs on Girl at the Bar, of course.  And here we get the scene that we have been waiting for since the preview came out, THE WEDDING! Is it Ted’s wedding? YES! Is it real? No. It is just Barney daydreaming about the power of calling dibs. Robin (Cobie Smulders) comes in, apparently still dealing with her break up with Don by not showering and instituting a diet strictly composed of sodium.  Cue chip craving.   Ted buys Barney’s dib for $20, but Cindy (Rachel Bilson) comes in, it turns out she is friends with the girl at the bar.  For those of you who don’t remember, Ted dated Cindy briefly, but he found out he was more compatible with her roommate, the mom.  But, we haven’t met her.  However, she does own the yellow umbrella AND WE HAVE SEEN HER ANKLE!! Ooooh, sexy.  The producers lead us to believe that it is Girl at the Bar, meeting Cindy for a drink.  However, Robin informs us that she is waiting for a date, reading a book so no one comes up to her in the meantime.  Somewhere in this conversation, Barney tells Robin she has reached her hotness expiration date.  Poor Robin.  However, Barney gives her the motivation to SUNDRESS UP! It only takes 14 seconds for a schmuck to hit on her, proving that she has still got it, a fact she emphasizes with an ass slap.Meanwhile, Lily (Alyson Hannigan) and Marshall had planned this night to be their first at bat in the baby making game.  Lily has it all set up: candles, banjo music, and weird,purple ill-fitting lingerie.  However, when Marhsall arrives home from work, what is awaiting him but a bassinette from his Dad.  Marhsall says aw.  Lily disagrees, and we are treated to a montage of how creepy Mr. Erikson is.  Lily, with her newfound bosom, asks Marshall if he has told anyone at the office about their pregnancy plans.  Cue weird man love scene.  Coworkers are shouting at him to go the distance, and there is a super NSFW “get your wife pregnant” banner.  What law firm does he work for again? It’s one that holds celebratory baby making parties though. Apparently, Marshall cannot help but talk about his excitement over a possible baby and this does not sit well with Lily, as she continues to argue about Marshall’s all too open relationship with his father, Marshall storms out of the bar. Lily comes to complain about how Marshall is always talking to his father and Barney exhibits a rare thirty seconds of niceness, “If I had my dad’s number I would never not be on the phone with him” he reveals (Remember, his father is Bob Baker), surprising Lily until he is back to himself and making “ba-dong” noises about some girl. Lily realizes that she made a mistake and follows Marshall out. We suddenly find Lily and Marshal reunited back on the stoop of their Drowsteplia apartment. How they actually managed to get back to their apartment in a matter of minutes is a mystery to us, but on with the recap! Lily expresses her concern that because Marshal is telling everyone that is putting a lot of pressure on her – what if she can’t have a baby? Marshall and Lily are finally making headway understanding where they each are coming from when Mr. Erikson calls, wanting to know if they did it and if it is a boy (apparently you can just tell). Epiphany! Marshall finally gets that his father is just a little too nosey, and our favorite HIMYM married couple reconciles to finally start the process of making a baby. Meanwhile, Ted is trying to avoid Cindy, alas to no avail because Cindy comes up to him. She asks him to talk, apologizing for being mad and him and telling him that he was just not who she was looking for… both Ted and we are a little confused. She tells him that she will make it up to him somehow. Ted smoothly (sarcasm) suggests buying a beer, or maybe introducing him to one of her friends (hint hint, Girl at the Bar). She agrees, kind of, and tells him to say goodbye to her when he leaves. Yes! This is Ted’s break! He goes over and he and Barney celebrate with the brief trial of the high six, which (not so) unfortunately was doomed as a failed experiment from the start. Just as Ted is about to go over and talk to the girl, CINDY AND GIRL AT THE BAR KISS! Cindy is now a lesbian, making so many things clear. Cindy and Girl at the Bar actually end up happily ever after as a couple with an adorable adopted daughter. Super cute! Flash forward to the scene at the beginning with Marshall and Ted at the church with beer. Ted is nervous, but not because he is getting married, but because he is the best man. But to who’s wedding is the question. Barney’s? No, we see Lily in a bridesmaid dress.  Robin’s? No, why would Ted is a best man. Barney and Robin’s!?!?!? Who knows, but Lilly calls them in to start and it starts raining. “I hope someone has an umbrella” says Ted. Cue older Ted revealing THIS IS WHERE HE MEETS THE MOTHER! What a satisfying episode. So much information and so much more to look forward to!

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Original Author: Emma Carlsson