September 22, 2010

Weekly Overheards

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Minor Details Woman: Yeah, I saw some baby squirrels hanging from the tree here. It was pretty great.Man: Oh, I thought you said you saw babies hanging there, which would’ve been great…but in a totally different way.-Behind Day HallWe’ve Got a Runner Guy: Is that a Charger? Why do Ithaca cops need such badass cop cars. It’s not like they’re gonna need to do any OJ-style cars chases through the backwoods.-Outside of Dino’sWas the Theme “A Night In Slut-ville?” Girl: So I just went in short shorts and a bra.Guy: Well that’s sort of hooker-ish…Girl: It was the theme, okay? So it makes it alright.-Next to DKEJust Lending a Helping HandGirl: That girl’s butt is totally hanging out of her skirt!Guy: Well I can help her with that…-College Ave.Dirty DeedsGuy to male friend: You killed a bitch. And now you want my help cleaning up. And I’m not going to help you.-DicksonNow, That’s ArtGuy: Does anyone have a camera? Take nudie pics and send them to me, okay?-DicksonIt’s Miley! Guy: Hannah Montana is a dick-KayThar She Blows!Girl to friend: Then it squirted.-CTB

Original Author: Rachel Neville