September 23, 2010

Office of Student Assemblies Announces S.A. Election Results

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The Office of the Assemblies and the Student Assembly announced the Fall 2010 Election results Thursday, with no challenges meriting further investigation. Geoffrey Block ’14, Jennifer Kay ’14 and Timothy Lenardo ’14 won the three S.A. representative seats, while Ramsey Ataya ’13 and George Yorgakaros ’11 will be the two University Assembly representatives. Alex Pruce ’13 emerged as the winner of the S.A. transfer seat.Forty-four percent of the Class of 2014 and 24 percent of transfer students, the only groups eligible to vote, participated in the election. The race was competitive, with 24 freshmen candidates contending for a mere three seats. Three transfer students campaigned for one seat and eight U.A. candidates ran for two seats.Though there were some challenges to the results, the elections committee ultimately ruled that “none altered the fairness of the election sufficiently to merit disqualification,” Charlie Feng ’11, S.A. director of elections, said.Natalie Raps ’11, S.A. vice president for public relations, was pleased overall with the election.“I’m extremely excited that almost half of the freshman class were able to vote in the elections,” Raps said.Newly-elected S.A. representative Block promised to be an activist for students. “The biggest thing that we as the S.A. need to ensure is that students maintain their voice on campus because students pay for the school, students are how the school is judged, and therefore students need to assert themselves,” Block said.Thursday afternoon,  President Vincent Andrews ’11 administered the oath of office to the new representatives. “We are excited to welcome our four new representatives to the Student Assembly and are looking forward to the different perspectives and initiatives they will bring this year,” Raps said.

Original Author: Max Schindler