September 23, 2010

Survivor Recap: New York is What?

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Woah, this was really an explosive episode full of drama and mischief among all.

Coming back from tribal council, Holly feels like a loner in the tribe with the loss of her ally Wendy. To build team unity, Espada attempts to build a better shelter. Jimmy J (Coach) takes over as tribe leader and directs his tribemates well, even though some like Jimmy T feel that he is too overbearing.

At La Flor, Naonka and Sash strike up a friendship and come up with the idea to start a “Minority Alliance” and to pull Brenda in as well. This is a very good idea and all three people are strong competitors and I can see this alliance doing well if they survive the next tribal council. This alliance decides to target Kelly B because she isn’t strong physically and is a big threat.

Back at Espada, Holly bursts at Jill for eating snails and calls her and Jimmy T stupid. Also, Holly hears how Dan is making fun of her, so she fills his $1600 alligator shoes with sand and throws them in the ocean. First of all, this is an absolutely horrible social decision to make and I have no idea what is up with her. Second of all, Dan just lost some respect with me for spending 1600 dollars on shoes. Especially shoes made of alligators.

But the drama lives on at La Flor when Naonka blows up that someone supposedly stole one of her socks, so she steals Jed’s (Fabio’s) socks as vengeance. This makes the tribe see her as being irrational and crazy.

TIME FOR IMMUNITY! This week’s immunity and reward combined challenge involves diving through mud to retrieve balls, then hitting the balls using shields from player to player into a barrel with the first team to four balls winning. The rewards are either a tarp or fishing gear. This time, Espada decides to use Medallion of Power and gets a one ball advantage, in that they only need to score three balls to win. As the challenge starts, Espada has early lead, but La Flor takes over with a surprisingly good performance by Kelly B. When Holly has trouble finding the third ball for Espada, an early score for La Flor ties up game. With strong placement by Benry, La Flor continues lead for a short time, but Espada ties it up, then takes the lead and gets the win. Espada choose the fishing gear and the tribes head back to home base. I’m honestly very happy that Espada won because La Flor needs a rude awakening that older people are more than capable to compete against them.

At Espada, a hidden immunity idol clue is hidden within the fishing gear. Jill figures out hidden immunity idol clue and tells Marty where to dig and he eventually finds it. He, Jill and Dan seem to strike a friendship / possible alliance over looking for the idol.

Still stunned from the loss, La Flor admits how impressed they were at Kelly B’s performance in the challenge. I mean, who couldn’t be impressed with her performance? She did amazingly and showed her tribe that she is a physical asset. Alina worries about Brenda winning over Chase, so she bands together with Kelly B to target her.

Similarly, Shannon goes to Chase and tells him how they need to vote Brenda because she is too big of a target. I think that getting out Brenda is a good idea because she has this social essence that will make her a threat to all. But, Naonka and Brenda decide on taking out Shannon because he is trying to control everyone. And when Chase tells Brenda about Shannon’s plans for her, she gets her social game into motion and gets a 5 person alliance with them, Purple Kelly, Sash and Naonka. But, Alina overhears whole conversation and tells her alliance of herself, Shannon, Kelly B, Benry and Fabio how Chase is with the others. Going into tribal, it could really be either Brenda or Shannon going home.

This tribal council was one of the most heated battles I have seen in a long time. Shannon begins by calling out Chase’s relationship with Brenda and threatens Chase that he will be the next person to go. Shannon keeps on talking, making a scene and even declares if Sash is gay in front of the tribe. This was just completely classless and he makes it worse when he declares that “New York is full of gay people”. That’s right… Shannon thinks that all New Yorkers are gay. I think that he just dug his own grave.

***SPOILER ALERT*** {Don’t read past this if you don’t want to know who gets out!}

Shannon is the second person voted out by a vote of 7-3

(Shannon, Fabio and Alina voted for Brenda)

Original Author: Michael Verini