September 23, 2010

‘The Connection’ Moves to C-Town

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A campus favorite for late-night dining has changed its location. Co-owned by partners Kevin Sullivan and George Figueroa, the Connection made the move from a location near Ithaca College to 310 Stewart Ave., right next to the Chapter House, in early August.Sullivan said that though their previous location was great for business, they were only able to deliver. Their new space, previously occupied by ABC Cafe, has tables for sit-down dining. He added that they have modified their menu to create more variety, including the addition of a made-from-scratch New York style pizza.Sullivan said he had been looking for a location in the Cornell area for some time and was happy when 310 Stewart Ave. became available. He and Figueroa leased the location on Aug. 10 and opened the cafe on Sept. 1.“This Lower Collegetown area down here just looked like it needed food,” Figueroa said.Ithaca resident Kevin Rafferty approved of the new eatery.“It’s a good location, with a lot of traffic, and they have a pretty extensive menu,” Rafferty said.Matt McManus ’11, who lives off-campus, agreed, adding that its location was really convenient for students on west and off-campus.“[It’s] the best pizza you can get in Collegetown,” he said.Previously, 310 Stewart Avenue was occupied by the ABC Cafe, which closed in 2009, after operating for thirty years.  In August of 2009, Sean Lunny, Ananda Barreno, and Rob Delphous –– three former ABC Cafe employees –– bought the cafe and reopened it in January 2010 as the Giving Tree Cafe. However, in July, they were forced to close due to financial issues. George Avramis, the building’s landlord, said that he was “sad to see the ABC Cafe go,” especially since it became such a staple of Ithaca, but was also happy to welcome a new eatery into the building.“Something like [the Connection] is needed,” Avramis said. “It’s going to be a great business here.”  Kevin Sullivan, an Ithaca native, and his partner George Figueroa opened the Connection in October 2006. Since then, they have enjoyed success, especially in the college-student-heavy areas, which Sullivan credited to their menu’s variety.When asked about his goals for the Connection, Sullivan put it simply. “Serving good food fast to college students,” he said.

Original Author: Hank Bao