September 29, 2010

Survivor Recap: “Sorry For Smushing The Bananas!”

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After coming back from Tribal, Jud, Kelly B and Alina come back to La Flor shocked that Shannon got out. Also, Naonka hates Jud because he’s too big of an airhead. She’s coming across as way too abrasive and I don’t think she is playing the smartest social game. There is a clear divide in La Flor right now. The major alliance that is starting to emerge is Naonka, Sash, Purple Kelly, Brenda and Chase. The major alliance wants to target Alina because she was most involved in all the drama last tribal. I think targeting her is a smart choice.

Back at Espada, Marty resents the fact that Jimmy J has the star power. And after Jill’s persuasion, Marty tells everyone that he has the idol. Although Marty did this, Tyrone still believes Marty is shady. Also, Dan starts to show signs of physical weakness. He has all of these bruises and injuries that make me think that he won’t last much longer.

In this week’s combined immunity challenge, the tribes retrieved barrels from a field and arrange them in a pyramid formation. Then, they threw sand bags on top of all ten barrels to win immunity and reward. The reward is a spice garden and fruit. La Flor decides not to use the Medallion of Power and the challenge commences. La Flor takes a slight early lead in retrieving the barrels. Tyrone and Benry are on “hot streaks” and battle neck and neck. Jimmy T fills in for Tyrone, but it’s too late and La Flor wins immunity.

When retrieving their reward, Kelly B and Naonka see a hidden immunity idol clue in the fruit basket. Back at La Flor, Naonka snatches the clue from the basket. La Flor is kind of shocked with her actions, blatantly trying to find the idol in front of everyone. Again, she is isolating herself from too many of her tribemates with her bad attitude. She even declares herself as “hood”… like that’s a good thing?

At Espada, Jimmy T feels like Jimmy J is not seeing his full potential. Jimmy T also calls out Tyrone for not being a team player. This tribal, Marty targets Jimmy J because he wants to be in charge now. Marty definitely is on a power trip and wants power way too much. Jill sees Holly, Dan and Jimmy J as equally weak, but would rather have Dan out. Marty is able to convince Jill, Jimmy T and Dan to be his side. When Marty approaches Tyrone, Tyrone declares his desire to vote out Dan. Going into tribal, it looks like it could either be Jimmy J or Dan going home.

At tribal, Jimmy T feels that he is a threat, leadership wise, to Jimmy J. Jill makes it clear that Espada needs to keep the strongest players. While Dan declares that he is not weak, Jill and Holly disagree. Jimmy J admits that he is one of the weaker players. Marty wants to “accelerate” the game and get things more interesting.

***SPOILER ALERT*** {Don’t read past this if you don’t want to know who gets out!}

Jimmy J is the third person voted out by a vote of 8-1

(Jimmy voted for Dan)

My Opinion: I personally don’t think this was a horrible choice for Espada since he was one of the weaker players, but Dan probably should have went. With Jimmy J gone now, Marty will probably take over and try to control everything. Whether that will work out well for Espada, well, you’ll have to tune in next week and find out!

Original Author: Michael Verini