October 5, 2010

Off the Grid with Sprint Football Players

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Christopher Fieschko ’13: Manlius, N.Y., Defensive Back

Eric Jordan ’12: Glen Rock, N.J., Wide Receiver

Mike D’Angelo ’13: Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y., Running Back

If you had to get a tattoo, what would I be and where would it be placed?

Chris: Butt. The smiling face of Dylan Harmon.

Eric: Some quote, probably on my back.

Mike: Already have it. A silver, leaping Ed Hardy panther across my back.

The class I’m dying to get away from:

Chris: Chem 2070

Eric: Business Computing

Mike: Low and Middle

I’m pulling for _____ to get back together.

Chris: George Bush and the White House

Eric: not sure

Mike: me and my 3rd grade girlfriend

Show I’d love to guest star on:

Chris: SNL

Eric: Law and Order: SVU

Mike: Smart Guy or Sister, Sister (no preference)

_____ creeps me out.

Chris: Bananas in pajamas

Eric: True Blood

Mike: Chyanne Michelle Eyde

Michael Vick …

Chris: is a boss

Eric: won’t be working at Petsmart anytime soon

Mike: is probably a cat person

The Entourage character I’d like to think I relate to:

Chris: Vincent Chase, obviously.

Eric: E, only because I would love to be married to Sloan

Mike: The Mexican guy who owns the tequila company. Class act; solid entrepreneur; distinguished accent

Teammate whose life could be a reality TV show:

Chris: “Leyen” It Out There with your host, Chris Leyen

Eric: Duber

Mike: High Times with David Duber

Original Author: Chyanne Eyde