October 6, 2010

Hell’s Kitchen Recap: No Scallops For You!

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I love how after a dinner service of being mad at Melissa, everyone has decided she is a fighter and did a good job defending herself at elimination. I’m starting to think amnesia sets in right after Chef Ramsey calls out a name. Except not for Baby Spice-she remembers everything. And she’s pissed.

So does Chef Ramsey apparently. In the morning, the lights dimmed in the dining room and he asked her to go give up her jacket…because she’s going to the blue team! And Trev was sent to the red team to be a ‘leader.’ IT’S THE SEASON OF SUPRISES! Trev was shell-shocked and his mouth hit the floor with a dead-behind-the-eyes look.

This week’s challenge: Create 5 different ‘imaginative’ salads. Rob was feeling unsettled, but Vinny was optimistic. “If we can pull this off, it’ll be sexier than my hair in the morning” (cue special effects of shiny lights and harp music. I love you editors!). When it came down to judging, special guest judge Sarah Tenaglia from ‘Bon Appetit’ magazine, was summoned to the dining room. Boris was sweating like “a moose in the desert” and lost the point to the red team. But that wasn’t as bad as Nona’s “hamster dropped in the fryer” salad. In the end, the blue team won it.

The Prize: The men got to have lunch in Malibu. The blue team was almost classy walking around the villa. Until they saw a mummy and claimed to have found Raj. The special effects teams over at HK imposed Raj’s face on the tomb and everyone laughed. Then they saw a bust of a woman and claimed they looked like Gail and Nona. And the statues’ faces was actually changed to look like Gail and Nona! It was the best special effects ever done on the show. Give that person a promotion!

Also, Rob’s salad was featured in ‘Bon Appetit’ magazine and attended the photo shoot with Chef Ramsey. Chef Ramsey quipped that the photographers should “make Rob look like he’s 95 pounds… You look like you just swallowed a sofa!” Rob just winked and said Chef Ramsey’s a funny guy, just as a part of his self-esteem kind of died a little bit. And as Rob was saying that skinny guys should watch out because this is what women want, he was moved in the background of the photo.

The Punishment: Trev was stuck doing punishment with “a bunch of chicks.” He continued to be sexist and moan on about how he forgot what it was like to hang out with chicks all day long. And then they were fed pansies. I didn’t know they were edible. There were bugs crawling on the plate. But Trev was “eating it like a man.”

Dinner service started off pretty good for once. Boris continued to sweat and slow things down for the blue team by sending out rubber shrimp. Russell tried to start the mantra “If you wouldn’t serve it to your mom, don’t send it out.” Sounds like a good idea, but how long would that last? Tonight featured special kitchen-side tables for VIP celebrity guests. For the blue team, it was Kelli Williams (Lie To Me, The Practice) and she had the good foresight to know not to order shrimp in her risotto.  For the red team it was Mo Gaffney (That 70’s Show) and Nancy Grahn (General Hospital).

Russell continued to stay on top of Boris and everything ran smoothly until Rob’s scallops were RAAAAAAW. And on the red side, Nona didn’t have scallops for the VIP table, thus leaving the little old lady to sit and watch everyone else eat. And when she did get them to the pass, they scallops were RAAAAAAW. And when she cooked them again… THEY WERE STILL RAAAAAAAW!  Eventually, Trev was able to get the little old lady scallops.

But then the blue team undercooked all the scallops. All 7lbs of scallops…


For the rest of dinner service, the sound effect machine was going off like crazy and shouting ensued from both sides. Boris lit a plate on fire. It was chaos, but controlled chaos because entrees still went out. Do you know what also went out? Boris. Chef Ramsey had enough of his RAAAAAAAW seafood.

There was no winning team. And the blue team was ready to throw Melissa on the chopping block. The red team was done with Nona and (SURPRISE!) Baby Spice.


Red Team: Sabrina (she freaked out on garnish).

Blue Team: Boris (pitiful performance).

Chef Ramsey’s Nomination:

Nona & Melissa.

And while all 4 of them “represented the problems in Hell’s Kitchen,” the eliminated contestant is…Melissa.

And while Chef Ramsey hasn’t given up on finding a true contender, I’m not sure if we’ll be getting one for a while, if at all.

Original Author: Allie Miller