October 6, 2010


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I’ve Got The Power

Girl: He grades just soo…obnoxiously!Guy: Yeah, obnoxiously!…He’s just a nerd on a power trip.

-Outside Kennedy

Would You Like A Cigar?

Professor Maas: You think you’re seeing the clock tower, but really it’s a penis.


Hide the Rum

Guy: I’m relatively impressed with the size of my penis right now, so let’s leave Long John Silver over there (points to friend) out of this before I have to start calling mine little ‘Captain Jack Sparrow.’


I’ll Be The Alice To Your Wonderland

Girl #1: John Mayer makes the best faces when he sings.

Girl #2: Oh how I’d love to be the reason he makes those faces…

-Barton Hall

Shoot for the Stars

Sign above condoms says take one, freshman guy takes two

Female employee: I don’t think you’re gonna get that much action tonight, buddy.

-North Campus

Is That a Banana in Your Pocket?

Two male friends embrace at a bus stop.Guy #1:Aw sorry man! I felt you.Guy #2: Nah its all good. Just my phone.

-North Campus

Under My Umbr-ella

Guy #1: How can you wear those shoes in this weather?Guy #2: They’re so torn up already, I don’t care if they get more destroyed.

Guy #1: But aren’t your feet soaking?

Guy #2: They’re just a little moist…they’re my only appendages that have been getting moist lately…

-Duffield  Special Delivery

Guy picking up mail in Hans Bethe House: Oh God damnit. There’s my herpes medication.

Original Author: Rachel Neville